[006] All Our OSTs

Not as busy this week, but DQ11 is still ongoing (heh), really long game. A bunch of personal life stuff and finished up a commission and some writing. 

I finished modeling more of an area, and started on a few others. I also made more cuts to the game in terms of areas and songs. I've started reaching out to friends to hire for music, and learned a lot about how musicians price for their work. Normally I would do all of the OST myself, but I need to save some time because I have a bunch of other stuff due this year.

I do want to announce the title of the game and get a basic website up by the end of the month + a short trailer. So be excited for that! I should probably start working on the Steam page, too...

Title Cards

I implemented title cards, which preface parts of the game and say like "Part 1: blah blah blah" with certain music playing, etc. I integrated this into my cutscene system since these almost always play at the end of a cutscene or something.

Dialogue Controls things

Since you can customize controls, I made it so stuff like {CAMERA} in raw dialogue, gets replaced by "Press Q and E to pant he camera up and down"... etc. Or {JUMP} is replaced by the current jump button. 

This was done with two things in mind: allowing customizable controls, and allowing localization. So what happens is:

{CAMERA} is replaced by "Use {CAMERA_UP} and {CAMERA_DOWN} to ...", and those two {CAMERA_UP} {CAMERA_DOWN} tags are replaced by the corresponding key. The multiple replacements is done because then the "USE {...}" can be localized into whatever language.

AOA isn't necessarily going to be localized, but I do plan on using AOA's code in later (secret!) projects.


Finished (I think?) moving controls all over to my customizable system which will allow me to deal with mouse/controller/keyboard inputs, etc. I talked about this in weeks past I think.

Worked on some more songs, modified a few sound effects...

This coming week I'm going to focus on getting all the dialogue into the game. We'll see!

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