[010] All Our Almost

Hey all, so I've been holding off on Devlogs for a while, since I'm figuring out this trailer situation... I'll have a trailer soon. Well, there's clearly one up here already, but barely anyone visits this page. But I mean like Social Media Blast trailer will have a few edited clips/more polished UI, and some portrait art.

Er, anyways what I've been up to the past 18 days has been

* Starting on the last of the music, organizing a few other helper musicians. this is what I've mainly been doing. 

* A little bit of level design modeling/putting in NPCs.

* Small dialogue revisions, UI fixing.

* Made a simple audio engine to handle cross-scene transitions and fading stuff. Basically made it so I can have 4 or 8 or whatever arbitrary tracks looping and playing. I don't know how many I'll need, but I'll need more than 1 probably, which is why I went ahead and generalized the audio engine stuff for more than 1 track. (In a more complicated game, though, I may just end up using Wwise...)

* Marketing crap - fixing some websites, my mailing list. Made myself a logo for the trailer, made marketing materials for Steam, launched the steam page... etc. And of course made the trailer, heh.

* Cutting stuff :~) I've been growing impatient with this project, so I'm cutting out more stuff to save time. Nice!

There will be a publicly shareable trailer soon. I'm roping in Joni to help me with some remaining UI and portrait stuff, but finishing up the rest of the game is mostly just me being slow. I'm also busy teaching two classes at SAIC, and for some reason I decided to read the Cixin Liu science fiction trilogy this month.

In other news, though, an essay of mine on SMT Nocturne just went live in Heterotopias' 3rd magazine: http://www.heterotopiaszine.com/003-2/

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