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All Our Asias

Explore the supernatural landscapes of your ancestor's Memory World in this surreal, 3D adventure. · By Melos Han-Tani


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All Our Asias 1.03
Patch Notes 1.03 Added a link to buy the fan pack to the title screen!!! (Please buy it if you can :~) Fixed missing textures in a few spots Made one area's ex...
All Our Asias Released!
It's out! Play it now for free! Be sure to buy the Fan Pack for $5 to support me - it has the OST and a 150+ page exclusive e-artbook...
8 files — 1.01
[012] All Our Almost
Almost done! Game should be done this month. Not sure if it will release, depending on how long testing takes. Soundtrack and dialogue revisions wrapped up last...
[011] All Our Asias
Hey everyone (no one?)! It's been 3 weeks since my last update. Since then... the title's been announced. That's right, it's... [All Our Asias ] What's the mean...
[010] All Our Almost
Hey all, so I've been holding off on Devlogs for a while, since I'm figuring out this trailer situation... I'll have a trailer soon. Well, there's clearly one u...
[009] All Our Same Stuff
(GIF is not in the game... though I might use a similar idea) Not much new I can share with everyone... this past week I started a lot of new music, modeled mor...
[008] All Our Fonts
Steam So, the steam page is almost ready to go! I need a better font for my marketing images on there... and a trailer... hopefully I'll have that soon. I've b...
MARKETING!!! I finally set up a dang mailing list for the game. SUBSCRIBE HERE SUBSCRIBE HERE Note: This is the Even the Ocean mailing list so you might be on i...