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Absolutely adore this game. I'm playing through it on the switch. My only nitpick is that its a little too easy to initiate screenshot mode when I'm trying to platform and accidentally die, but otherwise a perfect game.


really great game, pretty different 3d platforming controls than anything else I've played, a little finnicky until you get used to them and then its extremely smooth and flowy. Narrative and art and music are amazing as always, lots to think about re: borders, identities, ecosystems, etc.


Will you guys make a Linux version eventually?


Would be nice :)

I wonder if this game was heavily inspired by an amazing unnamed anime... Regardless, this is very interesting! I will surely buy this!


Which anime? I don't watch much anime so it's unlikely, although one loose inspiration was Sarazanmai!

I was talking about Made in Abyss, it just seemed a bit similar. 


Game seems to offer a lot more than i had time for in my playthrough, but at least i got through the tutorial and part of the first cave! Finding the lizard and the whale was the biggest highlight for me haha. 

Figuring out the controls and making yourself move more streamlined is quite a fun challenge. I appreciate that they tried to do something different when it comes to platforming giving it a very unique feel. I also appreciate that they gave the lead to 3 Asian women; all with their own character and unique look. Looking forward to advance in this game to see what more it has in store. The screenshot editor is also an amazing addition and i really wish more games had this tool.

Such a fascinating concept and story! will this by any chance be available on Steam?

it is already available on steam lol


okay, how on earth did I not notice that lmao


yeah man, i was like "is he blind??" "has he ever heard of the search button??" but i didnt wanna be too mean. glad you ended up finding it LOL


(This video serves as a more in-depth review of Sephonie.)

In hindsight, I came in with some crazy high expectations. Anodyne 1 and 2 were games that just really resonated with me, both narratively and stylistically. But man, Analgesic Productions went above and beyond with this one. Sephonie feels like a testament to how much they're willing to improve, innovate and reinvent themselves. And that alone, is incredibly inspiring.


The writing is wonderful and the art is incredible and the clam is huge woah this is a huge clam that's such a huge clam wow

thank you for making this game


thank you! I am glad you like the huge clam too



This seems like such a fun game :) before buying, I wanted to ask if this game is either x86 or x64? Thank you, and huge props for this <3


64 bit I believe!


Ahh gotcha... if it's not a lot of trouble, for future updates would you include also an x86 (32) version too fi it's feasible? :( <3 Would be nice to play the game but if you can't I understand!


Sure! I threw a version up here.


OMG thank you so much!! <3 I just bought the game now, can't wait to give it a try, I appreciate this a lot!


Can't wait!!