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2017/9/28 - I released all the music from Perfect for $3. You can use it in your own games. https://htch.bandcamp.com/album/perfect-ost-2016


2017/2/8 - This project is currently abandoned, however I have plans to release the music as a standalone thing. Perfect's ideas are being incorporated into future projects. To learn more about perfect see this post

PERFECT OST: SONG DESCRIPTIONS - https://meloshantani.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/perfect-ost-2016-song-descriptions..

WALK GEOMETRY AND PERFECT (Notes on perfect): https://meloshantani.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/walk-geometry-and-perfect/

The below is taken from Perfect's website, where you can also join a newsletter: http://hantani.com/music_perfect.html

Perfect is an upcoming game-like software by
Melos Han-Tani. It's also my/his 4th musical project after the Anodyne OST (2012), Even the Ocean (not out yet, 2013-4) and Model Minority No More (2014 - 5).

Perfect speculates on issues of nationality, race, identity in the near future. Perfect's fictional world is based on the speculated future dynamic between our world's China, Taiwan and United States. Perfect interviews people related to a terrorist event targeting the equivalent Taiwanese refugees living in the United States, interviewing people who would be called "Taiwanese", yet span between immigrants, refugees, naturalized citizens, and American-born citizens. (Perfect will use fictional country names, I'm just using these here for ease of understanding).

Perfect is software with elements of 2D exploration games, web browsers, music albums, and nonfiction interviews. What does that mean? Perfect's UI is somewhat of a cross between web browser and top-down video game. You use the mouse to click links to go to different places within Perfect.

As you explore Perfect, you will come across Song Modules. One example is you might find the song "Shopping Carts" in a place meant to represent online stores. The song is composed to paint a sonic picture of digital shopping carts. As the song plays, you'll be shown an interview with a person who is related to the theme of Shopping Carts in some way. Sometimes the songs are more physical - like 'Exterior', sometimes they're more abstract.

Thus Perfect is a collection of interviews with fictional people about their recollections of a tragic event in their world (more on this below!), set to themed music. You use a game/web-like interface to navigate to the songs. The software keeps track of what songs you've heard, and there is an 'ending' to the software, sort of like games, movies, or books.

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