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Even the Ocean is also Open Source! https://github.com/analgesicproductions/Even-The-Ocean-Open-Source

Content warnings at bottom

Even the Ocean is a narrative action platformer about balancing the Light and Dark energies that hold the world together.

From the creators of Anodyne comes a grand story about Aliph, a lowly power plant technician for Whiteforge City, who finds her world turned upside-down after a routine maintenance trip goes awry. Now, working directly with Whiteforge's Mayor Biggs to face an unknown menace, Aliph must navigate her newfound power and influence to save the city.

Aliph's journey, environmental issues and the world's fate all hang in the balance of Light and Dark energies.

  • Balance your energy bar with Light and Dark energies to overcome diverse obstacles and stabilize the city.
  • Meet and talk with new friends, powerful allies, and enigmatic travellers
  • Explore the beautiful and strange geography in the overworld, towns, and environments surrounding Whiteforge City
  • Super customizable difficulties and play styles: choose between Complete, Story-only, or Gameplay-only options to make your experience your own

Created by Analgesic Productions LLC - Melos Han-Tani and Marina Kittaka.

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Book Report Edition:

We're proud of the story we're telling through Even the Ocean, and would love to encourage discussion about it and to hear what people think! So for a limited time, we're offering the Itch.io exclusive Book Report Edition of Even the Ocean! Simply purchase the game on Itch.io, then email eventheocean@gmail.com from your Itch.io-linked email address with your "book report" to receive a FREE bonus Itch.IO key for Even the Ocean.

A "book report" could be any sort of discussion of the plot, themes, characters, or atmosphere of Even the Ocean. Are there lines of dialogue that stuck with you? A musical track that really made a moment? Are there parts of the game that you didn't like or that sent mixed messages? Why? Email us a short message with some thoughts (or email us a link to a blog post where you talk about Even the Ocean), and we'll send back a Steam key so that you can share the experience with a friend!

OST details:

  • For other file formats, purchase at Bandcamp - the OST here is only available in MP3 V0 format. OST is about 520 MB in size.

Technical Requirements:

  • Budget about 500 MB for the game files.
  • Even the Ocean will run at a locked 60 FPS on most computers with a GPU. For comparison, development was done with a GeForce 610M . Multiple resolution sizes and a 30 FPS mode are available for lower-performance computers.
  • Some Macs have trouble running at high scaling resolutions. In this case, the problem is usually fixed by playing at a lower resolution or in 30 FPS.
  • For unknown reasons, livestreaming at certain resolutions at 60 FPS causes lag in the game. I recommend 30 FPS or lowering the resolution of the game.
  • For unknown reasons the sound may drop out on Macs at times. This will often fix itself after a few seconds.

Language Support

Available in Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian and German! Japanese and Traditional Chinese planned.

Version History

- 1.023 For Windows. Mac coming shortly. (Feb 10 2019) No changes to any gameplay.

- 1.024 - For Win, Mac. Fixes some names

Content Warnings (No Spoilers)

  • Environmental Doom/Catastrophe, Workplace Deaths, Bigotry towards LGBTQ+ people and POC, mild body horror

Content Warnings (Spoilers)

  • Bigotry towards LGBTQ+ people and POC - some of the NPCs in Whiteforge say bigoted things to the player/other characters
  • Workplace Deaths (Early on, a character is electrocuted and dies (no gore or graphic violence though). Later, another character is dead due to electrocution.
  • Mild body horror: Some late-game areas have level art that resembles muscles, muscle cells, and other organic things.
  • Environmental Doom/Catastrophe: The world's energy is unbalanced and it's caused giant creatures to appear. You are trying to stop the world from going out of balance.
    • (BIGGER SPOILER): In the end, you fail and the world is flooded, killing everyone (non-graphically).


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$19.99 $4.99 USD or more

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