Anodyne Remastered is live!

Anodyne Remastered has launched! You can download it here. The original is still included for Windows/Mac if you'd like.

Featuring 60 FPS, QoL features, Linux support, controller support, a boss rush and more!

Details here!

Files 96 MB
Version 2.0 Oct 18, 2023 165 MB
Version 2.0 Oct 18, 2023 160 MB
Version 2.0 Oct 18, 2023

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Would love to see this and the sequel on the Atari VCS.  The AtariOS is linux based, so shouldn't require much tweaking.  I'll buy this one here, but would gladly buy again on that platform.

Any plans to release the remastered game on or GOG ?


it is on both!